How to search financial information using FinanSearch in the Yandex Browser


1) Type in the SmartBox.

(you will see "Press Tab to search finansearch" appear on the right)

2) Press the Tab key (you will see finansearch appear on an icon in the left part of the SmartBox).

3) Type in your search terms.

4) Press Enter.

This will send your query to our server and bring up your search results.



Shortcuts for Dedicated Computers, Monitors, or Browser Windows with the Yandex Browser

If you have a computer, monitor, or browser window set aside just for trading or financial research, you can set FinanSearch to be your default search engine in the Yandex Browser.

Some people also do this if they will be working on financial research for several hours. This would save the time of performing the steps above.

This will apply to the SmartBox, on Tableau, and in the context menu in the Yandex Browser.

This can be easily changed back after you are done doing repeated financial searches or if you should change your mind.

1) Right click in the SmartBox.

2) In the context menu, select "Edit default search engine."

3) In the Search engines window, hover your cursor over FinanSearch and click "Make default".

If FinanSearch is not in the list, enter it manually:

Fill out the fields at the end of the list:

Add a new search engine: enter "finansearch".

Key: enter the search engine address:

URL with %s in place of query (for example,

Press Enter.

Then hold your cursor over the search engine you entered and click Make default.

4) Click "Done".



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