Why advertising here is more effective

FinanSearch enables investors to search for reliable business and financial information while excluding unrelated or tangential sites that would come up in plain search engines.

Our well educated and affluent audience is likely to travel, have investments, purchase luxury items, attend cultural events, read, and spend on significant home improvements.

Since our users are already seeking financial and investment information, they are pre-qualified as having an interest in and the ability to purchase financial products and services. They are often seeking information because they are on the verge of an investment or trade. In contrast, business and financial news sites contain many articles of general interest on Apple products, Elon Musk, Tesla, Amazon, and Jeff Bezos for example that can dilute an advertising base of investors with the general public. Advertisements on FinanSearch avoid this problem entirely, advertising only to investors.

FinanSearch strives to maintain our aesthetic of a crisp, clean, and simple appearance with expansive whitespace. Rather than your ad begging for attention in a crowded Vegas Strip-like environment that many sites have, your ad will inhabit the tasteful, minimalistic space of FinanSearch.

FinanSearch users are mostly American with a small number coming from Northern Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland.

We are experiencing rapid growth, yet 47.1% of our visitors are returning users.

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