Questions & Answers About Advertising on FinanSearch


Can you help me design an ad?

Yes, our graphic designers will work with you on an appealing ad to maximize results and that is in keeping with your company’s aesthetic.


What kind of advertising do you accept?

We do banner, video, and text ads.


How are ad prices calculated?

We accept CPM (Cost Per Mille) or Cost Per Click ads. Mille means thousand, thus the cost of CPM ads are calculated as an amount per one thousand views.


Can you block my competitors from advertising on your site and competing with my ad campaign?

Yes. Let us know the competitors you would like to block and we will set up blocking in our automated ads so they will not come up. Once we have received your payment, we will set up blocking so that it is already in place while you are working on your ad or finalizing your campaign.


Is there advertising on the front page?

Not at this time.


Where are the ads?

The ads are on search results pages. Banners ads are at the bottom and sides of results. Text ads are found within the results.


Why is advertising on FinanSearch more effective?

Your advertising budget targets investors rather than casual readers (non-investors) of articles on business and financial sites about famous companies.



E-mail us for more information:

advertising at finansearch dot com

(Replace the word "at" with the @ sign and "dot" with a period to form our E-mail.)



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