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What is FinanSearch?

FinanSearch is a financial search engine for top business and financial news and information sites.

It enables investors to search for reliable business and financial information while excluding irrelevant or tangential sites that would infest the results of plain search engines.

For example, a plain search would most likely turn up mountains of consumer-oriented information on a company being searched while FinanSearch will return investor-oriented information regarding a company.



Browser Search Extensions

Quickly peform financial searches right from your browser!

iphones/ipads: Firefox Browser for ios

Blackberries: Blackberry Browser

Opera: Opera Browser

Yandex: Yandex Browser


Where can I give feedback about an extension or request one for my browser?

You can let us know with our browser extension feedback form.



4 Time Saving Tricks

Do you have a way that I can search for an exact match of a grouping of words or a phrase?

Yes, enclose the phrase or grouping of words in quotation marks.
For Example: "apple balance sheet"


Do you have a way that I can exclude a word from my searches?

Yes, put a subtraction mark before the word you would like to exclude.
For example: oil companies -Chevron


Do you have a way to search within a range of numbers?

Yes, put two periods between the numbers.
For example: 50 .. 100


Do you have a way to search for something if I can't remember or don't know one of the words but I know the rest of the words?

Yes, it is called a "wild card" and it can stand in for unknown words. It uses the asterisk character: *
Say for example you can't remember the word that starts with M in the big 4 auditing firm KPMG but you can remember the rest of the words.
You would search: Klynveld Peat * Goerdeler.



Privacy & Security

Are my searches encrypted?

Yes. Data transmitted between the user and is encrypted and transmitted securely over https connections. You can read more about our security in detail and see our audit here.

But what if I use a browser search plugin or I set up a search shortcut in my phone's browser? Will my searches still be encrypted?

Yes. Our servers are set up to force those request onto a secure connection as well. You can get more details about this in our audit.




I have an idea for an improvement you could make/ I would like to leave feedback/ I have a question not answered in this FAQ.
How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us on this page.


Where can I follow FinanSearch on social media?







google plus




I'm considering advertising on FinanSearch. Where can I find more information about your user base, rates, etc.?

You can find out more about advertising on Finansearch here.



Terms of Service

Where can I read the FinanSearch Terms of Service?

The FinanSearch Terms of Service are located here.



The copyrights for the information contained in this website, search algorithms, browser extension code, browser extension descriptions, browser extension directions, social media content, photos, logos, and other intellectual property and or proprietary information are held by FinanSearch LLC.


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